Mothers Days

Members of An Artist Residency in Motherhood were invited to simultaneously record the events of the July 15th, 2019, in as much or as little detail as they chose. The book shares accounts from 81 people* in 19 countries—all artists and mothers to children from six weeks to 33 years old—who detailed the events of their days.

Though parenthood can be an ongoing dance of tasks, experiences and near-constant engagement, I’d often find myself at the end of a day thinking I had done “nothing”. Mothers’ Days is a 388-page document of what happens when nothing happens.

A full .pdf of the book can be downloaded here for free

The book will be debuted in Labor: Motherhood & Art in 2020, the inaugural exhibition of the new University Art Museum at New Mexico State University. It will open on February 28, 2020 and remain on view until May 28, 2020. At the close of the exhibition 800 books will be distributed for free in a special draw. Museum visitors, as well as members of ARiM, and other interested parties will be invited to submit their names to be one of the people to receive a copy

Design Brett Yasko / Published by An Artist Residency in Motherhood, 2020 / Photos Phillip Andrew Lewis / Printing Kreider, Pittsburgh.

* Contributors — Agnieszka, Guadalupe, Anonymous, Hannah Baker Saltmarsh, Amy Beeston, Araidia Blackburn, Brittany Bond, Joanna Bond, Bonnie, Susan Bradley Smith, Luisa Callegari, Candice Blythe, Elena, Catherine, Joie Chan, Mya Cluff, Danka, Jessica Delfino, Sarah Dolan, Jen Donnery, Magdalena Edwards, Stephanie Edwards, Grace, Meagan Grant, Jelena Grujičić, Ariel Hall, Nicole Haroutunian, Heather, Helen, Corrie Hosking, Rachel Johnston, Janie Julien-Fort, Sarah Kain Gutowski, Katie, Rachel, Jessica Kneipp, Lauren, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Lisa, Lisa, Jennifer Long, Patti Maciesz, Rachel Maggart, Taylor Mardis Katz, Chloë Marsden, Jennifer McCandless, Rachel McDonnell, Sara McNeilly Ammon, Amanda Mehl West, Rachel Moodie, Jessica Mueller, Dr. Emily O’Hara, Candace Jane Opper, Jenny Pritchett, Ramona, Georgina Reskala, Rita, Sofía Roncero, Rosalie, Sally, Sarah, Hanna Schaer, Carly Schmitt, Laurie Schram, Bérénice Staiger, Donna Szoke, Alyson Thomas, Corrie Thompson Jenny Weir, Caprice White, Amanda Wood, and Shiori Yajima.

**Thank-you to the generous donors whose support made this publication possible; Seth Ammerman, Pen Callan, Catharine Clark, Sarah Urist Green and John Green, The Anna Jarvis Society of Wet Nurses, Wanda Kownacki, Cliff Leventhal, Kathleen Irvin Loughlin, Nion McEvoy, Veronica Roberts, Susan Weiss, Judy Willcott and Laurence Miller, Francis H. Williams, Carlie Wilmans, and Gary Wiss.

Special thanks to Erin Anderson, Catharine Clark, Davey Clayton, Early Clayton, Jane Clayton, Otto Clayton, Ammu & Rama Devasthali, Jasmine Herrera, Phillip Andrew Lewis, Evan Mirapaul, Jennifer Nagle Myers, Veronica Roberts, Jon Rubin, Marisa Sage, Anton Stuebner, Brett Yasko and to the incredible community of artist/parents who are An Artist Residency in Motherhood.