‘IF’: Planning, Research and Co-creation of an Existential Installation-performance


In her article “‘IF’: Planning, Research and Co-creation of an Existential Installation-performance” Rita Sebestyen offers an account of the research period and performances of the experimental, action-research based and interdisciplinary performance ‘IF’. The installation-performance was co-created by a group of Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Hungarian artists, and conceived and produced for an international audience. ‘IF’ poses a series of existential questions throughout four interactive installations that allow the audience to interact and become co-creators of the performance, together with the performer-facilitator. Using biology, anthropology, mathematics, elements of gamification, sociology and futurology, this performance is a cross-disciplinary and cross-genre experience, and its research cycles are of both scientific and artistic interest, as the author points it out.

Keywords: art and science, performative pedagogy, gamification, co-creation, action