Initiator of the project: Representations of the Other: Language, Body and Space in Cross-cultural Performances – from 2015: Othernessproject

The project was officially launched on 28the September 2013.

“This is an independent project with an international outlook initiated by a group of theatre professionals, researchers and philosophers. Its aim is to establish a multi- layered platform for cross- cultural co-operation, research and debate within the field of theatre and performance. The project is also keen to engage with a large spectrum of social groups, enhancing social engagement and output through creating a forum for theatrical innovation and development. The main objective of this research is to foster communication and artistic creation within and/ or through theatre (both theory and practice) in and between various minorities and migrant communities. We are interested in the various cultural practices that inform theatre making in various social- cultural and political contexts; and the (inter)cultural exchanges, translations, adaptation processes and strategies raised within theatre making. Also, the project is keen to analyse the cultural dynamics between minority communities and the dominant cultural tendencies (majority). Hence, intending to raise awareness of the complex cultural and theatrical interactions and fusions between minority-majority discourses.”