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University Lecturer / Artist / Project leader


Rita Júlia Sebestyén graduated in theatre studies and took her PhD in the aesthetics of the Ancient Greek theatre. As author, co-creator and director she has contributed to award-winning performances  in Denmark,  Hungary and Romania, and as an essayist she published extensively in volumes of studies and magazines in Hungary, Romania, The Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, France, Letvia and Denmark. Her first book of literature, A tizennegyedik/The Fourteenth was published in 2010.

She has designed courses for BA and MA programmes and teaches in higher education in Denmark (Reading Art – for acting students), Hungary (The Ancient Greek Tragedy, Our Contemporary – for MA students in theate studies ) and Romania (Post-colonialism in Literature and Arts – for BA students in comparative literature).

With colleagues she launched the theatre periodical Játéktér/Playing Area ( in 2012, being its first editor-in-chief until 2014. She is contributor for The Migrationist (, member of advisory board and guest editor for the academic journal Otherness ( at Aarhus University and artistic director of othernessproject ( a cross-disciplinary, transnational project that offers body-mind-soul experience of Otherness through theatre and theory formation based on theatrical events, workshops and performance lectures.

As an artist, from 2015: Birth, 27 ways to be born, Hybridspace: Anthony, IF – glocal, nomadic, art as research performances that mingles the realms of technology and nature, arts and science, being presented at international festivals and audiences.

Areas of specialization

Cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and cross-sectoral projects,  Theatre Studies, Aesthetics, Human Geography, History of Ideas, Theory of Cultural Policy Making.



2005                     Ph. D. in Theatre Aesthetics, with summa cum laude: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, HU, Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, Department of Aesthetics

Title of dissertation: Spaces and Meta-Spaces in the Early Tragedies of Aeschylus

1997                     Licensed in Theatre Studies: Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, RO (equivalent with MA)

Other relevant qualifications

2016                     Mobility of Youth Workers: International Cultural Entrepreneurship, Erasmus+

2006                     Teacher of English: CELTA, University of Cambridge

2005                     Dance critic course of Deborah Jowitt (Village Voice, NY)



2014-present   International Association of Theatre Critics

2011-present   Hungarian Belletrist Association

2004-present   Association for Ancient Studies

2002-present    International Theatre Institute, Hungarian Centre, member of the Executive Board


Teaching experience

2016-present                    Guest Lecturer in The Ancient Greek Tragedy, Our Contemporary: a course that mingles aesthetics, anthropology and social studies, with a post-colonial perspective. Károli Gáspár University, Budapest, Hungary: Theatre Studies – 8 hours/month, 40 MA students in Theatre Studies.

2015-present                    Research associate and lecturer in Reading Arts: a cross-disciplinary, interactive course on the interrelations of arts-society-politics in the globalised world. Copenhagen International School of Arts, Denmark: Acting studies – 8 hours/ month, 14 students in acting.

2014-present                    Guest lecturer: Postcolonialism in literature / Artistic approaches of the Other. Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania: Comparative literature – 18 hours/month, 14 BA students in literature.

2013-2015                         Conceiver and mentor of Mentor Project: workshops for young writers on theatre with internationally recognized mentors.

2012/2013                        Guest lecturer in: Interdisciplinary approaches of performativtiy/ Theatre and written media / Creative writing: University of Arts, Tîrgu Mureş, MA and BA: Theatre Studies and Theatre Management  – 30 hours/month, 24 students.

2012 April                          Seminar as a guest lecturer in: Contemporary staging of Ancient Greek plays/ Discovering the dramatic situation, actors and text: University of Arts, Tîrgu Mureş. BA: Theatre Studies and Stage Directing – 20 hours, 12 students.

2002-2011                          Communication coach: helping in building and maintaining successful international relations and internal communication strategies with the tools of transaction analysis for international banks and insurance companies. Main clients: Generali Ltd and Paribas Bank.

2000/2001                        Guest lecturer in: Dramaturgy and creative writing/ Ancient Greek plays and their contemporary adaptations: University of Pécs. BA: specialization in Theatre Studies – 2 terms, 4 hours/week, 30 students.

1999/2000                        Guest lecturer in: Dramaturgy and creative writing/ Interpretations of texts and their on-stage versions: University of Arts, Tîrgu Mureş. BA: Theatre Studies – 20 hours of intensive course, 12 students.

1995/1998                       Assistant professor (holding seminars):                                      History of European Theatre/ Dramaturgy and creative writing/Tendencies of contemporary performing arts: Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj. BA: Theatre Studies – 6 terms, 4 hours/week, 15 students

Informal teaching, tutorial, curatorship

2013-2015         Tutor for intern students at the periodical Játéktér/Playing Area and at the othernessproject. Oct. / Nov. 2013 Curator for the Contemporary Drama Festival, Budapest, HU.

Jan. /June 2013 Curator for the Festival of Hungarian Theatres Outside the Borders, HU/RO.

2012/13              Tutor for a group of students launching an interactive project The Wonders of the Night based on a poem by Sándor Weöres. University of Arts, Tîrgu Mureş, MA class of Theatre Management: 7 students.

2011                     Take part at PhD student presentation and defence of dissertation. University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest.

2011                     Jury member: Festival of Minority Theatres, Gheorgheni, RO.

2005                     Curator for Pépinières européennes pour les jeunes artistes (UNESCO, Paris, FR) and Crawford Gallery (Cork, IR).

2003/2006        Curator for Workshop Foundation:  Inspiration program for young artists, HU.

1998                     Organizer and tutor for Interferences workshop for students of Theatre Studies: writing, stage directing and acting. Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, BA students of Theatre Studies: 12 students.


Artistic experience

Co-creating performances

2017                     If (writer and director), othernessproject. At Bådteatret, CPH, and at the international meeting of Actor Training in a Globalised World, CPH.

2016                     27 ways to be born (director), othernessproject and Passage Festival, DK: trailer.

2016                     Inside Out Three Sisters (co-creator), Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts, 2nd Years.

Award for Research and Innovation: International Festival for Theatre Schools, Fez, Morocco, 2016.

2015                     Three sisters (dramaturge), Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts, 3rd Years.

2013/2014        Hamlet (new translation and stage adaptation), International Shakespeare Festival, Gyula (HU)/ Tamás Áron Theatre, Sfintu Gheorghe (RO)

Nomination for Best Performance of the Year 2013 in Romania: Romanian Association of Theatre Artists (UNITER).

2011/2012        The Flea Market of Kantarzsin (interdisciplinary project) Figura Theatre, Gheorgheni

2002/2009        The Miracle, play with Áron Tamási in two acts based on the play entitled Songbird

Grand Prize – 14th Hungarian Studiotheatre Festival, Budapest, 2002.
Grand Prize – Festival of Minority Theatres in Gheorgheni, 2003.
Participation at the Festival of Minority Theatres in Bucharest, 2002.
The opening performance at the Saturdays in Zsámbék Festival, 2003.
Guest performance in Viena, at the Rabenhof Theater, 2003.

The Award of the Cultural and Educational Ministry – 21th edition of the Festival in Kisvárda, 2009.
Participation at the National Theatre Festival in Pécs (POSZT), 2009.

2000/2001        Procrustes’ Bed, Sun Theatre, Budapest

1999/2000        Royal Blue, Tamási Theatre, Sfîntu Gheorghe

1999/2000        Welcome, Breeze! Based on Turgenev’s A Month in the Country

Award for Best Performance at the 11th edition of the Festival in Kisvárda, 1999.
Rita Júlia Sebestyén – Award for Dramaturgy – 11th edition of the Festival in Kisvárda, 1999.
Award for Best Performance – National Theatre Festival in Miskolc.
Guest performance at the Theatre Nights Beyond Borders in Budapest.


2006/2007        W. Shakespeare, King Lear,  coproduction of the National Theatre, Budapest and Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfîntu Gheorghe (directed by Bocsárdi, L)

Participation at the National Theatre Festival in Bucharest, 2007.
Guest performance in Budapest, 2007.

2005/2006        Sophocles-Euripides, Electra, Örkény Theatre, Budapest (directed by Bocsárdi, L)

2004/2005        Sophocles, Oedipus, Móricz Zsigmond Theatre, Nyíregyháza (directed by Tóth, M)

2002/2003        Aeschylus, Agamemnon, Figura Stúdió Theatre, Gheorgheni (directed by Béres, L)

2000/2007        Sophocles, Antigone, co-production of Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfîntu Gheorghe – The Novi Sad Theatre- Summer Festival, Zsámbék (directed by Bocsárdi, L)

Grand Prize – 15th Hungarian Studiotheatre Festival, Budapest, 2004.
The Award of the Illyés Foundation – 16th edition of the Festival in Kisvárda, 2004.
Participation at KONTAKT Festival, Torun, 2004.
Guest performance in Pécs, Budapest and Szentendre, 2003, 2004.
Guest performance in Bucharest, 2004.

1999/2000        Euripides, Alcestis, Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfîntu Gheorghe (directed by Bocsárdi, L)

Award for Best Performance – Atelier Festival, Sfântu Gheorghe, 1999.
Award for Placed Second – at the National Studio and Alternative Theatrical Festival in Gödöllő, 1999.
Guest performance in Pécs, 2000.


Research involvement and dissemination

Feb. 2016 – present       Concept and methodology creation for: Metaxy: international, cross-cultural action research project to work out an innovative, flexible, socially and economically responsive educational framework that uses English as a lingua franca both for research, artistic work and dissemination, aiming at 1. cross-cultural and entrepreneurial skills and competences of students in performing arts, 2. raising employability of young artists, 3. facilitating cooperation and knowledge exchange between arts, education and business. At Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts:

March 2014 – present   New Materialist Approach in Performing Arts with research proposal: (Female) Bodies in Ancient Greek Theatre – co-operation of: Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark, Kiel University, and Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

Nov. 2013-present         Member of advisory board for the academic journal Otherness , Centre for studies in Otherness, Aarhus University.

Sept. 2013-present         Initiator and organizer of cross-cultural, rhizomatic practice-based project of an international theatre discourse and academic theory-formation present within 12 countries: Othernessproject:

May 2013-present          Participant, co-organizer at the The Gogol InterPlaygorund project; international network to raise awareness against corruption through the tools of drama. Participating countries: Uganda, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Romania:

Feb. 2011- Aug. 2013    Department of Classical Philology at the University in Pécs: member of the OTKA, Hungarian Scientific Research Fund Interpretation of the Tragic and the Comic in Ancient Drama research group on contemporary approach of Ancient Greek Theatre.

Dec. 2008- Feb. 2011    Freelance scholar: attending conferences, editing books, publishing academic papers and communication coach at Dialog Stúdió, Budapest, for-profit sector.

Feb. 2005- June 2007    Freelance scholar: attending conferences, editing books, publishing academic papers and communication coach at Dialog Stúdió, Budapest, for-profit sector.

2001/05                              PhD student at Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, HU, Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, Department of Aesthetics and leading theory formation projects on cross-cultural theatre phenomena at the Hungarian Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI).

2000/01                              Organizer and project leader of the first professional network for the Hungarian Theatres outside the Borders: Hungarian Centre of the ITI.

2000                                     Organizer of the first visiting programme for USA stage directors and producers in Hungary – through the Hungarian Centre of the ITI.


Conferences, symposia

Aug. 18, 2016:                  Half a minute – workshop for psychologists, academics, researchers: Celebrating Time: 3rd International Conference of Time Perspective, Copenhagen, DK: 25 participants.

March 4, 2016                    Refugees, Migration, Language – workshop for academics, artists, policy makers, social workers: Organized by the research program: “Art, Culture and Politics in the ‘Postmigrant Condition’” (funded by FKK/Danish Council for Independent Research) in collaboration with CISPA (Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts), Copenhagen, DK: 45 participants. Presenting: Timeless questions of migration reflected in performing arts.

Sept. 14-16, 2015                 Redefining Theatre Communities: Community Perspectives in Contemporary Theatre-making. Conference at Malta University, Gozo. Presentation: Ancient Greek Theatre and Participatory Arts.

Jan. 18, 2015                       Workshop on New Materialism organized by the Centre for Studies in Otherness, Aarhus University. Presenter: Theatre as tool for acknowledging, understanding and dealing with Otherness.

Oct. 26-27, 2014                Conceiver and organizer of the mOtherness workshop – trainer’s workshop for body-mind-soul involvement through theatre. Topic: motherness seen as otherness –birth stories:

Aug. 2014                           Participant, presenter: Landscape Dialogues – artists’ camp at Mols Berge, Denmark.

March 21-23, 2014         Conceiver and organizer of the Gogol in Cluj/Cardiff workshop and symposium: with participants from 7 countries: a practice based and glocal event followed by academic discussions and papers published at the Otherness journal of Aarhus University, The Centre for Studies in Otherness: in its special Otherness and the Performing Arts special issue:

Feb. 6, 2014                       Representations of the Other – presentation at Kultursalon in Copenhagen: international meeting of artists and academicians organized by the Danish Centre of the International Theatre Institute: presentation of the project.

Jan. 8, 2014                        Theatre: a space for Otherness – guest talk at Cultural Transformation seminar, Aarhus University.

Nov. 28, 2013                   From provincial to glocal. Transylvania as real and metaphysical site of cultural diversity. – guest talk at Högskolan Väst, Sweden.

Nov. 2012                           Moderator of critical and theoretical discussion on three performances of Figura Studio Theatre, Gheorgheni (RO) touring in Budapest (HU), organized by the Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Association.

Sept. 2012                          Editing an interdisciplinary event: book launch at the Maladype theatre – trailer:

March 2012                       Moderator: round-table discussions at Reflex 2 international theatre festival, Sfîntu Gheorghe.

Oct.2011                             Dr. Valéria Dienes– Being a Dancer in Mature Age, as a Woman and Scientist. Power of Age 2. Japan is here. Merlin Theatre, Budapest.

Oct. 2011                            Theatre and Identity. Workshop at the at the Minority Theatre Festival, Gheorgheni, for BA students of Theatre Studies from the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj and University of Arts, Tîrgu Mureş.

2010/2011                        Chair and moderator for round-table discussions organised by Libri Publishing House and Katona József Theatre, Budapest.

June  2010                          Chair and moderator for discussions on interdisciplinary arts in the Makett Labor Galery on the World Industrial Design Day.

April 2010                          Other people-other places-other time. On The Persians of Aeschylus. Conference of Ancient Studies, Pécs.

Oct. 2006                            Elektra. Dramaturgy and theory. Conference of Ancients Studies, Budapest.



Hungarian (native), English (advanced), Romanian (advanced),

French (novice level), Italian (novice level), Danish (novice level)